WHAT IF when we come together as a church, we put all the other messy, icky “stuff” aside and just focused on our two main reasons for being there:
1. Worshiping God
2. Encouraging each other
… put our focus on edifying God the entire time, through our attitudes and actions?
… made an effort to say something nice – something positive – to those around us, instead of complaining?
… thanked those in leadership?
… focused on the message of the song being led, whether we “liked” the song or not?
… decided to not find fault with everything anybody else did or said?
… participated more and complained less?
… actually made church about Jesus?
… focused on OUR own attitude and behavior instead of everyone else’s?
… got more upset about the lost people in our communities than our worship style?
What if we DECIDED to stop being unhappy?
… the sermon went “too long”?
… the song leader led old songs, too slowly?
… we sang new songs that I didn’t know?
… the powerpoint operator made some mistakes?
… the announcements (“family news”) went on for “too long”?
… I didn’t get my way?
… the topic is “boring”?
… the leaders made decisions I disagreed with (not unscriptural decisions; I just wanted something different)?
… somebody said something that offended me?
… the service just didn’t seem to “meet my needs”?
… all the people there are “too old” and set in their ways?
… all the people there are “too young” and want to change everything?
What if we stopped complaining so much and started BEING Jesus to each other and to the world? No matter what everybody else did or said?
What if we blocked Satan’s best attempts to destroy us from within and instead chose to reflect Jesus in our behaviors and attitudes towards each other?
If your church isn’t being what you think it should be, then step up and BE the church that God intended us to be. Not through a militant demand that everyone do it your way (whether it should be done that way or not) – but by our attitudes towards each other – even the brothers and sisters you don’t especially like?
“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
                   John 13:35
Because, WHAT IF?
one another

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